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A superb companion for those involved in multi-disciplinary healthcare teaching, or interested in health care education practices, Essential Simulation in Clinical.
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Reducing medical errors and improving patient safety are essential elements of patient care, but not the only ones.

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Providing optimal patient care also includes uncovering latent safety threats, facilitating teamwork and communication, and ensuring professional competency is not only maintained, but improved. The methodology of simulation education has gained widespread recognition within the field of healthcare as a powerful tool for reinforcing clinical knowledge, improving team communication, and teaching decision-making skills.

Simulation is an educational methodology, not a technology. Simulation can be used not only to teach clinical skills, but also teamwork and communication. It can also be used to standardize training, meet evidence-based guidelines, and target specific goals. There is a shift in mindset from what simulation can do to how simulation can be best used to improve patient care. Teaching in this context focuses on imparting knowledge.

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Simulation-based training makes that knowledge come alive—alive in a setting designed to imitate real clinical encounters and lifelike experiences where clinicians can refine their individual and team skills without posing risk to real patients. Simulation is not only about technology - simulation is about techniques, skills, and also insights into communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Here are 10 best practices which we at Laerdal has developed over time:. Our team of educators and technicians help you maintain your simulation equipment as well as gain the critical skills necessary to optimize performance and learning outcomes.

Pedagogy for the Professions: Simulated Practice

In-situ simulation training enables you to identify and address latent hazards that threaten patient safety in your working environment. LLEAP brings simplicity to running simulation training and efficiencies to the management and development of scenarios.

follow link The Circle of Learning is a systematic approach to learning and teaching. It can be used to help organize and prioritize the areas of learning most relevant to your educational objectives.

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N2 - This new addition to the popular Essentials series provides a broad, general introduction to the topic of simulation within clinical education. An ideal tool for both teaching and learning, Essential Simulation in Clinical Education provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the subject of simulation, whilst also offering strategies for successful use of simulators within general clinical education and demonstrating best practice throughout.

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  5. This timely new title provides: The latest information on developments in the field, all supported by an evidence-base Content written by a global team of experts Discussion of policy and strategy initiatives to ground simulation within the healthcare context Practical examples of cases, including inter-professional learning. A superb companion for those involved in multi-disciplinary healthcare teaching, or interested in health care education practices, Essential Simulation in Clinical Education is the most comprehensive guide to the field currently available.

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    Fingerprint simulation. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley. Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley, Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley, Chichester.