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And a nag. I would like to hear Susi Daugherty read it and the next! Why on earth would you change narrater after the entire series with Suzi Dougherty. Mikaela Martin cant do different voices or accents. It ruined the book for me.

I now wish I hadnt started the Elle series and just finished with the war begins tomorrow series. The story is interesting but really disappointed with narration. What did you love best about Incurable? The transition from farming to warfare. Who was your favorite character and why? Elle, because she has to save her friends and take care of her little brother who is still suffering from the terrible experiences of the war. She has a lovely voice and accent. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

No, I broke it up over many long drives.

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Any additional comments? I love the story. The descriptions of the Australia Bush. The Idea that young people can fight and prevail. I really liked the Tomorrow series by John Marsden and would try other books by him. Each of the main characters Homer, Ellie, Lee from the Tomorrow series were a good representation of characters you find in high school that had to adapt to a new way of life after war.

Sometimes his cattle descriptions are a bit long, but he broke it up with lots of action. I thought Gavin was a good representation of a war orphan with a lot of baggage rolled into one person. He added more dimension to the story. Her voice grates on me and she does't do other character voices well. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the characters.

Her high pitched voice doesn't match Ellie well, especially after listening to Suzi Dougherty read the Tomorrow series. Could you see Incurable being made into a movie or a TV series? Who should the stars be? Tomorrow When the War Began has been made into a movie and I liked it.


BOOK REVIEW: Incurable (The Ellie Chronicles #2) by John Marsden

John Marsden has written an engaging and entertaining series - Tomorrow when the War began, kicks off with an invasion of Australia from the north that leaves the country split in two. The story starts at a fast pace and just will not slow down. Marsden has an ability to drive compelling images through development of characters - one very amusing image has the heroine, Ellie, crossing a paddock at night and running into a mass of pigs - Ellie describes the sound the pigs made as being just like you would hear from 1, pigs baying in unison as they were being readied for the abattoir.

I just cannot get this sound out of my head. There are seven books in the Tomorrow series. A group of teenagers learn how they can form a resistance movement. Beyond these seven books are three more that describe how the teenagers re-make their lives after the war. Ellie's parents are murdered. A young lad who Ellie met in the town has no family and he becomes Ellie's surrogate mother. The issues with which the teenagers deal throughout both related series and sensible parts of continuing tales.

The narration is excellent - I just cannot imagine another narrator handling the characterizations and plot lines as well as this. I had held off reading the Tomorrow series. I thought it wasn't really my "cup of tea".

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I am immensely glad I broke the drought by listening to all ten books. Perhaps the only caveat I have relates to aspects of relationships - in the situations these teenagers find themselves, the explicit sex scenes could have well been left to a reader's imagination - while many may argue that there is nothing here that most teenagers do ot already know, they are still certainly not appropriate for many teen readers.

This is not an issue in all of the books. The first couple of volumes in the Tomorrow series is where this matter is developed. Overall, a very enjoyable listen! Same recommendation for all ten volumes, the Tomorrow seven volume series and the three volume Ellie Chronicles. The action just never ceases for poor Ellie! Trouble seems to follow her everywhere, whether she's in friendly or enemy territory!

I guess that's what makes this series and whole franchise so addictive. Out of all 3 books of the chronicles this has to be oddly my favourite. Odd because it's the middle book and I usually find the middle book the weakest of a trilogy. It's a lot shorter but it's full of action.

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Marsden has a way to make you feel what the characters feel. Just one question though Teens, okay I understand. But kids? Love the story, took a bit of getting used to the new voice. When we bought this we didn't realize it was by a different narrator.

Incurable (Ellie Chronicles, book 2) by John Marsden

As we have been used to another narrator for all 7 books from the tomorrow series and the first one of the Elle Chronicles its kind of hard to get used to someone else now. Don't get us wrong, she isn't a bad narrator its just hard to have her come in so late. So it took a long time to get used to her in this book, she pronounces characters different, especially Gavin. It did make it harder to listen to the book. As for the story itself, its good and enjoyable although no where near as good as the tomorrow series. Its this that makes us think should the author of ended it at the end of the tomorrow series?

There can be too much of a good thing. Still a good story, interesting read and would still recommend. Just remember a new narrator which takes a lot of getting used too By: John Marsden. Narrated by: Mikaela Martin. Series: Ellie Chronicles , Book 2. Length: 6 hrs and 56 mins.

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Categories: Young Adults , Ages People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary "I held my line. I knew from the war, if not from shooting rabbits, that we were safe enough for the first moments. It is too impossible to hit a target like us from a helicopter that's rocking and rolling and trying to find its target. But maybe this guy had new equipment or maybe he was a brilliant shot or maybe he was just plain lucky.

Bullet holes tore through the ute like a huge metal punch was suddenly and roughly slamming a simultaneous line of them from our rear to our front. Critic Reviews "Marsden has the rare skill of making his audience feel that they are part of the story and vicariously another character. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent.

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Jessie Shannon Anonymous User Different Narrator??? Bev Don't want a cure The ongoing struggle and story of Ellie, the rebel child soldier with a will to survive and heart of gold. Darco I. Linda The book was great, the performance was not! Steve New narrator?! Guin Different narrater to entire series - not happy Why on earth would you change narrater after the entire series with Suzi Dougherty. DAVID The war is over, the battle has just begun. Morris Martin The Tomorrow Series and The Ellie Chronicles John Marsden has written an engaging and entertaining series - Tomorrow when the War began, kicks off with an invasion of Australia from the north that leaves the country split in two.