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Thread starter Morrus Start date Sep 23, Living Arcanis has been around since the d20 days, and has run over adventures. You can download it right here just click on the pretty picture below. Arcanis is very "Ancient Rome" in feel. Where is there going to be organized play? PCIHenry Villager. HawaiiSteveO Explorer. Downloaded, will give it a read for sure. Looks great, although not printer friendly. HawaiiSteveO said:.

When is the actual Arcanis 5e Book being released? RSIxidor Explorer. Love the Tactician.

Zarithar Explorer. It looks really good and I am a sucker for anything with a Roman theme. I look forward to a hard back release of this in 5e format. I'll have to download and read, desc so far looks very fun.

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Any planned Fantasy Grounds support? I run most of my games through that nowadays. The primary qualities we look for are boundless enthusiasm, an ability to meet deadlines, and a thorough knowledge of the world of Arcanis.

If you think you might be interested in joining the campaign staff, please send an to the appropriate team lead and let us know how you d like to help out, along with a brief summary of what you feel are your qualifications and areas of expertise. How to Contact the Campaign Staff The best way to get in contact with the campaign staff is via.

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The following list of staff members should help you direct your initial in the right direction. A great deal of information, including answers to a number of frequently-asked questions about the campaign, can be found on the official campaign website. There is also a very active Internet newsgroup, where you can discuss the campaign and talk with campaign staff, members of Paradigm Concepts, and at the time of this writing over 1, of your fellow players. All players, judges, and event organizers are required to abide by all published RPGA rules for ethical and fair play.

Documents listing these rules may be downloaded from the RPGA website. Direct conflict between player characters PCs is forbidden, except in special cases such as a PC being charmed or dominated.


PCs may not steal or destroy other PCs items, funds, or equipment. If such conflict occurs, the offending PCs will be removed from the campaign. If this occurs, all players will be notified of the exemption prior to the beginning of the event and will be given an opportunity to opt out of PC versus PC combat if so desired. Events at which PCs may directly combat other PCs will only be held under the direct supervision of senior campaign staff.

All logsheets, item creation logsheets, certificates, and other campaign records MUST be filled out in pen unless specifically detailed otherwise. Note that there is no officially mandated character sheet for the campaign, but players are encouraged to maintain their character sheets in a clean and readable fashion to make the judge s life easier. Characters are subject to being audited at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, audits by campaign staff, GMs, senior GMs, or activity center or marketplace coordinators.

It highlights the major changes from previous rules for the benefit of experienced players.

Codex Arcanis

The following rules have been added, clarified, expanded, or significantly changed in this newest version of the LARC. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so be sure to read all the campaign documentation carefully for changes and clarifications that apply to your characters. The blast powder rules have been expanded and clarified. A number of rules dealing with Portals of Anshar and the usage thereof have been added.

The cohort rules have been completely overhauled, including the rules for cohorts and magic-item creation. Anyone with a cohort or who plans to take the Leadership feat must review this section in detail. Clarified the rules for scaling and soul-bound weapons. Added a new type of item, soul-linked, which is similar to soul-bound but not quite as stringent. Introduced judge benefits for eating modules and author benefits for writing modules.

Introduced an odd-numbered APL system, which will be used in all new modules. Added a Kid-Gloves rule for low-level PCs to optionally increase their survivability.

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Added an annual rebuild rule and a character recycling rule to improve players options for reconstructing or updating their characters. Added the Restricted use restriction, which applies to certain types of items, including extradimensional spaces. This category applies to items that are not necessarily Rare but that must still be controlled in terms of total ownership.

Introduced rules for creating generic scaleddown versions of Rare items. These rules kick in when more than one PC at the table has the same Rare item. Updated the Lifestyle rules, including a slight change to the rules for living off the land. Added No Lifestyle and Exalted Lifestyle as new options.

Introduced a new limit on magic item values per item for PCs based on character level. Information on meta-organizations has been added. Rules on PC death and resurrection have been changed and clarified.