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He produced a lot of brilliant games; it is a pleasure for me to present you some of these. He wrote a book, which is very interesting because of his annotations? I think he has produced so many interesting games, so it makes sense to look at his career from a different angle. In some cases I analyse the same games, but very often I selected others. One of the reasons for this is that I wanted to spot the moments when he reached new heights.

Your author is a trainer of juniors who fi nds investigating the early part of a career extremely interesting. Beliavsky starts his selection of games from the age of 19, while in this book I discuss much earlier parts of his career. The difference in my opponent's motivation in these tournaments influenced my choice of opening. In Baden I granted him the opportunity to play actively and chose the Queen's Gambit.

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In Moscow, by offering a more uncompromising gambit, I myself took on all the risk. White's attack bore fruit. I 1 2 dxe6 fxe6 1 3 ttJge2 i s better 1 2. J:d7 and.. After 36 a3 and the preparation of the g-pawn's advance it wo u l d have been more difficult for Black to defend. But, understandably, it is not easy to decide on such manoeuvres in time trouble. Black cannot go into the rook ending. Black is practically obliged to observe passively the development of events, as after This untimely haste was to force my opponent to make the sealed move.

After 4 1 lDb4! However, in analysis it transpired that 4 1.

Interview with GM Nils Grandelius re working on Team Magnus, bughouse, playing against chess legends

A fair amount of work had to be done in the two-hour break before the adjournment. After the knight reaches f6, from where it both supports the passed h-pawn and attacks the bishop, it becomes clear that the end is near.

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Even so, it takes too much time, although subsequently the advance of the h-pawn was used as an end in itself. The main continuation here is 12 'i'd3.

The old-fashioned 1 3 '1! Here are some exam ples: a CUa5 1 5 h5 1 6 :g l 4Jc4 1 7 g4 'i'c5 1 8 'i'xc3 a5 with chances for both sides Djurhuus-Antonsen, Torshavn 1 CUce7 16 After the direct 1 7. Now, after the inevitable invasion of the queen, the fate of the white king will be sealed. There only remains the continuation i n the game.

campplorulpentia.cf Now the white queen is cut off from the centre of events. It was not yet too late to return with 14 Wd3, although the time wasted on the rook manoeuvre is very significant. But it is already hard to offer him good advice: 18 Wo. But now 2 Jld2 preventing.. He had to work a great deal, and he absorbed many ideas, evaluations and methods of working, both from his adversary of the 1 s Tigran Petrosian, and from the fundamental approach of Boleslavsky and Geller. For me he will always be a symbol of those happy times, when chess ideas were generated in the analysis of games, and people aimed to clarify causes and generalisations.

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Now, however, they aim to classify games in their chess database and to check with Fritz or Rebel whether or not there is a m istake in their calculations on the 4th half move. The elements of research and art are being increasingly excluded, and chess is losing those of its supporters for whom the competitive element is not the main attraction. In an interview more than 1 5 years ago, Karpov called Korchnoi 'a spent force '. He evidently based this on the fact that Viktor is upset by defeats and does not spare his nervous energy, the reserves of which are not unlimited. But he underestimated Korchnoi's strength of character and his devotion to chess.

In his competitive qualities Viktor Korchnoi I flatter myself with the thought that this also applies to me resembles a Russian doll : however much it is pushed about, it always ends u p o n its feet. Or, if y o u would like another comparison - the staunch tin soldier from the tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

ISS Uncompromising Chess After failing on one occasion to win a game after blockading an isolated pawn, Bent Larsen remarked: 'An isolated pawn should not be blockaded, but won. However, when preparing for a game with Yevgeny Bareev one always has to be ready for a psychological battle. Therefore Yevgeny had grounds for assuming that [ had prepared an improvement, and so he changes course. But by following Miroslav Filip's recommendation of 1 4 lOd3!

But on which square? Now 2 8 ttJxc8 is threatened, Released on: May 06, Support level: High. Go for The Throat: Play 1.

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Variation Details. Ne5 without Nbd7 Ne5 with Nc3 c6 4. Bf5 Nf6 You may also be interested in. The London System: Essential Theory.

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